The Grease Traps: Residue

It’s no secret that the Bay Area has given us a grip of heavy funk acts over the years. From Con Funk Shun to Sly & The Family Stone to The Pointer Sisters, Tower of Power and all those one hit, Chitlin’ Circuit bands and artist featured on comps like Bay Area Funk & the like, The Bay is heavy. No doubt about that. Fast forward to the present day and we’ve got another heavyweight ready to drop a long player. The Grease Traps give us a peek with “Residue” off of Solid Ground on November 5th.

Readers may remember their hot ass heat 45 on Colemine Records six years ago, but the Oakland outfit have now taken the time to put out a full length on the Milan, Italy based Record Kicks label. Recorded between two studios, Kelly Finnigan’s Transistor Sound and Fifty Fifth Studio in Oakland and mixed by Orgone’s producer Sergio Rios and Kevin O’Dea, Solid Ground is some of their heaviest work to date. Pulling a bit from a few different sounds, the record rides with the aforementioned funk, but also hit sweet low rider soul notes, gritty funk, and fuzzy psychedelic sounds that we hear on “Residue”. Featuring guest spots by Bay Area royalty Sally Green, Bryan Dyer, the Monophonic horns, and string organization by Kansas City master viola player Alyssa Bell, The Grease Traps have prepared the listener for the storm that’s coming. Already known for putting on a stellar live show with hot, raw, energy, they bring that very energy straight to the Tascam 388 on this Lp. With two limited edition 45s slated for release from the record, “Bird of Paradise” and “More and More”, this year is shaping up to be a good one for the band. Listen to “Residue” below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-Order the record here.

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