The Du-Rites: The Squeeze

The Du-Rites return with another funky adventure and this time they are reaching far out baby with their new project entitled Pressure. Doing exactly what the Du-Rites do (make funky music all night long), it’s a groovy trip, ya dig?

We are all well aware of the impact of JZone and Pablo Martin as the Du-Rites. Laying down gritty funk to pursuit of the pimpmobile grooves, TV cop show funk, cinematic feels and also psychedelic sounds in their discography has not been enough. They are in the pursuit of more. On their latest, we get a listen to a track that rides the Italian film soundtrack meets a JA vibe. Lush strings, organ and haunting vocals from the one and only Broughamin’ Fred (giving the ultimate voice Barry White a run for this money) all contribute to this epic five minutes plus of funk, library, and cinematic score of a track. Just when you think the Du-Rites are going right, they go left and come back with some stuff that continues to impress. This peek of the latest project is a positive sign of what’s to come on the rest of the record. They even throw in a bonus track (digital only not on the 10″) collaboration with Elson Nascimento from the Sun Ra Arkestra on “The Sun” These cats are going deeper and deeper and we love it. So if you’re riding with J and Pablo, sit back and enjoy this heavy, heady ride in a Lincoln Continental with an 8-Track. Listen to both tracks below and order after the stream.

Pre-Order the record, it releases October 1st.

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