Feeling This Today – Andrew Gabbard: Bummed

New music from Dayton, Ohio’s Andrew Gabbard. Gabbard has been on the scene for a minute with bands like Thee Shams, Buffalo Killers, and Gabbard Brothers. This Midwest rocker has made quite an impression on fans and critics since his beginnings. He returns on Colemine Records with another scorcher.

I’ve always thought of this track like a photograph of my old self. Knowing that the boy in the picture is clueless to whatever life-altering-event is about to change him forever.

Andrew Gabbard

Putting out a soulful track it’s like he grabbed a bunch of his influences and put them all together to form a supergroup to rock our worlds with. We’re hearing everything from The Beach Boys to Neil Young to the Byrds and more. Definitely early ’70s sound, this one has steady been on repeat since we got it in our ears. Definitely one of those records that will end up on a mix at some point because it is not only that good, but catchy and relatable to many people on many levels. Still holding on to some Summer feels “Bummed” is for sure one that we are feeling right at this moment. Check out the track below and order it after the stream. Looking forward to more treats from this talented musician and songwriter in the near future.

Grab the single here.

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