Leones: Cruisin’ b/w Sunset

Debut forty-five from Leones on Star Creature Universal Vibrations. This label has become one of our favorites here at Flea Market Funk over the years and with each new side they put out, the rep grows bigger as one wise emcee once said. This time they’re moving people in a few different ways: physically and spiritually on this double-sider of “Cruisin” b/w “Sunset”.

While the A-Side “Cruisin’ ” is all about the mid tempo disco vibes (landing somewhere in the 115 to 116 BPM range), call it chill, call it Balearic, we’re just going to call it good. Can this record be played by a pool or a body of water with the sun shining? Is it required to have a tropical drink in your hand? The answer to both can be yes, but then again this record can still be played late night in NYC or Detroit or LA or London and keep it moving. We’re feeling this in a big way. So let’s flip it over to “Sunset” and it’s just what you’d expect. Slowed down, soulful movements is a perfect way to freeze and let the sun set. By freeze, we’re not saying to stop, but merely pause and be amazed at the wonders of the center of our universe disappearing until the next day. Celebrate the occasion with a song like this. Chilled out synth vibes and right on percussion keep us feeling Leones’ vibe from the day to the night. Listen to both tracks below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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