Colemine Records: Big Things In A Small Funky Package


If there is one record label that has quietly slid into place under the radar of indie labels out there over the past five years, it is Colemine Records out of Ohio. Founded by teacher and musician/ producer Terry Cole, Colemine has been releasing some really great 45s from bands you never heard of. Don’t worry, you will hear from them, this label is on the move. People are starting to take notice, and a recent gig by Cut Chemist highlighted a 45 Afro Beat release from Jungle Fire, a member of the Colemine stable. No small feat to get into that guy’s record box. This Midwest little giant has been championed by a multitude of DJs who have been playing theirs 45s since the beginning (including this author and DJ). Colemine Records has gathered quite a following in the world of Modern Funk & Soul 45s, and has been putting out quite a few great records this year in a variety of funky genres. Bands like the aforementioned Jungle Fire, The Grease Traps, The Ironsides, recently highlighted here on FMF In Motion Collective and Fat Night, and Colemine veterans The Jive Turkeys, have been released in 2013 to much applause. Call this label working man’s Funk and Soul, these records are getting attention from the right people, and this label carries more weight than just cult status.


Jungle Fire – Fire Walker
This Latin infused Afro Beat by Los Angeles band Jungle Fire is a scorcher. Their sound fuses traditional Funk, Cumbia, African rhythms and Latin heat to produce their very own sound that has been lighting up dance floors across the West Coast for some time now.

In Motion Collective – Jesse’s Jing
San Diego’s In Motion Collective brings us more Afro Beat from a little further South on the West Coast. Helping lead the charge in the SD with their original funky brand of music, IMC has released a horn filled orgy of rhythm in this 45. Fully reviewed on FMF here.

The Grease Traps – Street Sweeper
Oakland, CA’s The Grease Traps serve up some tasty instrumental Funk & Soul with a side order of classic breakbeats to satisfy your hunger for the sound you love. “Street Sweeper”, not to be confused with the Quincy Jones track is more Eddie Bo than Q, and has a nice Nawlins feel to it. You can never have too much organ or guitar to make you bop.

The Ironsides – The Raven
The Bay Area’s The Ironsides draw their cinematic Soul sound from influences that range from David Axelrod and Galt MacDermot to Willie Hutch and Marc Moulin. Their first effort on Colemine, “The Raven” injects a big screen feel on this little record with the big hole. If you are a soundtrack fan, then this record is definitely for you.

With all the power of a major label wrapped up in an independent, Colemine Records has firmly grabbed a variety of funky bands from around the country to put together a batch of heavy Funk and Soul releases for the masses. This is the voice of the new Funk and Soul. Stalwarts like Daptone and Truth & Soul, pioneers who forged the river of mediocrity and set the bar for future labels, have some serious competition with a label like this. While not as commercially successful as either label yet, Colemine is on the cusp of something big. They are taking the ball and running with it and are definitely one to watch. Don’t sleep on this label, people will be talking about them for years to come. Big things come in small, funky packages.

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Check out a few of Colemine’s releases, and if you dig what you hear, stop by their web store to grab a few. You won’t be disappointed! You can grab some of these 45s from them before they are gone.


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