45 Live!

45 Live HeaderIt’s no secret that we love the little records with the big holes over here at Flea Market Funk. We’ve been collecting them since we were wee ones and the obsession is still here some 40+ years later. Of course we aren’t the only ones who are obsessed with 45s, and when we saw some teasers on social media about an all 45 site “coming soon”, we were excited to see what would come of it. Two blokes based out of the UK, who have a combined half of a century experience with these seven inches and the culture have teamed up together to put together a website/ community of like minded individuals. These two talented artists/ DJs/ record champions are Scott Hendy aka Boca 45 and Pete Isaac. You’ve no doubt heard Scott either play records, or his terrific production with Andy Smith as the duo Dynamo Productions. Isaac is a percussionist and well seasoned tour DJ who had his start in Acid House and has been rocking stages all over the world since the 80’s. Of course they share an obsession and love for 45s. 45 Live is born.

“45 Live will strive to build a global community where we can all celebrate the love of the 45, the music and the artists that made it, the myriad of labels, the history and of course the future. We invite everyone to get involved, film makers, DJs, artists, labels, journalists and anyone that loves music.

With a roster of heavy hitters such as the aforementioned founders and Andy Smith, they’ve added DJ Format, DJ Food, Smoove, Ollie Teeba, DJ Suspect, Mr. Thing, Marc Hype, Greg Belson, Dom Servini, and Shepdog to their growing roster of 45 slingers. They’re not just offering up a community for people worldwide to share their collective love for 45s, but a place to share experiences, record stories, and the like. With a magazine section that features a gallery, films, exclusive mixes, and more, it’ sure to build up into something really special. They’ve already started to sell some merchandise, and we are definitely into their limited edition 45 Live print, a custom design of all the labels the crew loves, tweaked for 45 Live. Sporting an agency to book some of the DJs, as well as a festival package where the 45 Live team rocks your festival forty five style all night, it’s a one stop shop for all things 45. However, you can’t have a community about 45s without putting out some records, and with all of the talented DJs and producers in the crew, they’ve announced that there will be exclusive seven inches on the 45 Live imprint as well. Everything from cut and paste b-boy bangers to breaks to funk and more. We are excited to get our hands on some of these releases when they are available. A great destination for all things seven inch put together by some of the most well respected people in our music community. We’re looking forward to see what they have going on as the site grows and grows. Digga Please

Check out the 45 Live Site here.

Keep Diggin’!

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